United Serbian Youth SC

Sixty years ago with the new wave of immigrants arriving from Yugoslavia, the first Serbian soccer club was formed in the city of Milwaukee, most likely the first soccer club in the United States. From the beginning, the home of the club was and still is at St. Sava grounds on 51st and Oklahoma, and is a legitimate heir to first organized soccer team at St. Sava grounds. The church was instrumental in organizing the club, in 1951, under the direction of late Father Milan Brkic.

Within a few years the club attained the top of the league standings, earning respect from other clubs in the league. To this day, St. Sava soccer grounds are the center of Serbian sports activities in the metropolitan area.

At the end of 1963, and beginning of 1964, our club as well as our church went through a trying and difficult period, which ended when some members of the club left and we were forced to start fresh under a different name. We started our season 1964 as “Serbian White Eagles.” That name stayed with the club until 1968, when the members of Milwaukee Serbians and members of White Eagles decided to reunite, under the new name “United Serbians.” Our club has honored that agreement and kept to this day, that beautiful Serbian name.

From our humble beginnings of one team in First Division and one youth team, we have grown to field one Premier team, one Reserve team and 12 youth teams.

The war in the 1990’s in Yugoslavia, again, led to forceful exodus of Serbs from their homeland. Many resettled in Milwaukee, which brought new life to our community and the soccer club. New players, new management, new fans, but same goals, to keep our youth around our church.

Playing soccer is not the only activity of the club; club participates in all the church activities. Players and club members are active in all position in church board from presidents, vice-presidents, treasurers, secretaries, and board members. Club has always helped the church in any way it could.

The most rewarding is to see three generations; grandfather, son and grandson attend church on Sunday morning, and in the afternoon son and grandson play soccer at the church grounds.