• PLAYERS:  5 (4 + GK) on the field.
    • BALL:  Official size 5.
    • THE GAME:  20 minute half’s.
    • REFEREES: One referees will be assigned per game.
    • FREE KICKS: All free kicks are direct.

    GK cannot score with his hand however he can score a goal during live play with his foot.

    GK will put the ball back into play after a goal kick with his hand or will kick a stationary ball out of the box, he cannot dribble out.

    GK can receive a pass back prior to the opposing team touching the ball (unlike in FIFA rules).


    GK has 6 seconds to put the ball into play after he handles the ball.

    Failure to do so results in a free kick for the opposing team at the top of the box.

    Players have 6 seconds to put the ball back into play once the ball is handled.

    If you procrastinate to put the ball down, you may receive a yellow card (referee’s discretion).

    • PENALTY KICK: A foul or a deliberate handball by the defensive player in their penalty box will result in a penalty kick. Penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty spot.
    • SUBSTITUTIONS: Unlimited substitutions are allowed and can be made at any time however the player exiting must leave the field prior to his replacement coming on.  Too many players on the field will earn your team a yellow card.
    • PLAYERS:

    Anyone born in 1986 and prior are allowed to play 30+ Group.

    Anyone born in 1976 and prior are allowed to play 40+ Group.

    • In case of a physical incident on the field, the referees will stop the game and the USSC board reserves the right to disqualify a player or the entire team for the entire tournament!