Coaching Questionnaire

1. Full Name: Petro Pyvovar

2. Current team you are coaching: U9

3. License held: F Licence.

4. Previous Soccer experience & accomplishments: 

-No previous coaching experience

-I have been playing soccer for United Serbians Milwaukee Reserves since 2011.

5. Small biography :

-I am from Ukraine. Came to the United States in 2004. Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

-Went to UWM – received a bachelors degree in Supply Chain Management and in Finance.

-Currently working at Briggs & Stratton Corporation as a Supply Chain Analyst.

6. Goal/Vision for USYSC -

My goal is to work on individual development with every player possible to improve technical skills, understanding of the game and physical condition to prepare the players for the next level age group in USYSC structure.